January Goals 2018

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I’ll be doing this monthly to track my current progress and help myself stay on top of my monthly habits.

The monthly updates will consist of different life and blog goals that I set myself for the month.




Cook most of my meals. Failed.

My little sister came into town and I had another friend leave the Bay Area. Needless to say, I spent a bit too much money this month on dining out. While I definitely love eating out with friends, this is something I have to crack down on this month. Ah, well. I did buy more Tupperware so I can cook and save more meals at a time though! Woo! 🙂

Work out three times a week. Failed.

I used to workout 4-6x times a week, but with being greater focus on my career and growing this blog, I was working out about 2-3x a week this month. This might honestly be the magic number and I could possibly shift my focus to getting more out of these 2-3 workouts.




Build out the Foundation of my blog. Check!

From the beginning of this month, I learned as much as I possibly could after hours and built out the initial layout of my blog, and learned about the backend operations of WordPress. Very much still a beginner, but I’m proud of how much I got out of the last month.

Start a consistent writing schedule. Check!

I’ll be doing my best to write 2 posts a week minimum and 4 posts a week maximum. I devote much of my off-work hours to building this out, and as much as I enjoy it, I do recognize that I have to avoid burnout for the long-run. Excited to be sharing all of my thoughts and financial learnings publicly now though!

Create a Business Pinterest for this site. Yes!

I made an account and have been learning the beginning ropes. Here is my account! Give me a follow and send me a message! 🙂   https://www.pinterest.com/financialgrains/boards/


Some Initial Goals for February

  • Write 8-12 posts for the month, averaging about 2-4 posts per week.
  • Share some of my blog posts with my Quora account
  • Get to 50 Pinterest followers
  • Keep enjoying the process and have a learner’s mentality.
  • Find more great beer and coffee.



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