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Quick Appetizer

Hello curious friend,

I am a young health-tech sales professional with an affinity and curiosity for just about everything life has to offer. Travel, photography, food, flying, crafting, woodworking, pottery, you name it, I’ll try it.

In exploring life, I found that, not surprisingly, everything life has to offer comes with a price. As I kept going down the rabbit hole, this led to a particularly strong passion of mine.

Personal finance.

Exciting, I know.



To no surprise, I found that many of friends were very concerned about handling their personal finances, but were not at all interested in learning about… well, handling their personal finances.

Finding myself arguing too passionately with friends over dinners and beers about taking control of their financial destiny, I realized that I found an outlet and space I can passionate create value in.

So, a few seeds planted, and Financial Grains has grown. I wanted a value to provide value with my peers, show they’re definitely not alone in the struggle, and to hold myself accountable on my own path, as well.

Let’s see where this goes!



No reason. I just really like this picture.


The Long Fireplace Story Version

My family came over some decades ago and have been hustling ever since. In particular, my father, has worked a variety of odd jobs and long hours to provide for myself and the family. He made certain that no matter what he went through, the family would be fed and taken care of.

If I found one truth in this, it was that Hard work takes no skill and has no substitute.

I told myself that no matter what I failed in, it would never be because I didn’t work hard enough. This mindset percolated into other facets of my life. I did, and still do, everything with a zeal that is often characterized as either “overly passionate” or “too much.”

I’ll take overly passionate over mediocre any day. Anyone who tells you otherwise may not be someone you’d want to take advice from.

I was hungry and curious for everything I could experience in my life before we all end up in the same place. In wanting to explore everything, it was not hard to find that there came an associated cost, whether that was in time or money.

I’ve been lucky to experience so many different things early in life. I have gone running with the bulls in Pamplona. I have jumped out of an airplane. I have slept in airports. I have experienced so many big, and little, joys and sorrows in my very young life. I know how lucky I am.



To extend that train of thought, I knew I wanted to extend that freedom and pursue it for the rest of my life. Money is not the source of happiness, but a lack of money is a source or great unhappiness.

I desired the freedom to choose my own lifestyle and provide for myself and loved ones the same way my father did. I dove into the rabbit hole of personal finance and never looked back.

It’s not romantic. It’s not as fun to think in terms of cost and gains, to not immediately receive dopamine hits for splurging every weekend, but I can say I am living and pursuing a much more intentional and filled life.

One of my mentors said it best: In life you should be selfish with three things: Health, Wealth, and Love.

Pursuing a life of Wealth and financial freedom is not morally bankrupt as many will tell. You are pursuing the power to live the life you want, on your own terms.

And, that is a beautiful thing to be cheered for.



Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. I am not a certified financial advisor. The advice given in this blog is strictly based upon my own beliefs and experiences. Financial Grains exists to communicate and have conversations with the community of those seeking financial independence and wealth growth. As with anything, do your own research beforehand. Your decisions are strictly your own.