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What is Financial Grains?

Welcome aboard!

Financial Grains is a blog dedicated to pursuing financial independence and personal freedom as early as possible. And, having a hell of a good time doing it. Whether your self-defined vision of wealth is rolling in liquid dough, or being unchained from the system, we strive to attain our personal pinnacle.

Financial Topics Discussed:

Savings – Income – Career – Investments – Everything In The Trenches of Personal Finance

For the sake of my own affinity for puns and paying homage to my Asian roots, I found that Financial Grains was available for purchase as a domain (this was quickly followed by a fist pump and excited texts to my friends).

This blog came about as I sought for a way to share everything I have learned and interact with a like-minded community, while holding myself accountable and being able to document my journey. I’m much closer to the beginning than to the end, but that only further excites me about what is to come.

In learning for myself and trying to achieve one of my life goals of financial independence, I felt others could benefit from some of the knowledge I’m actively consuming everyday. Also, why the hell not; creating an on-going blog and documenting useful/creative life tips has always been on my to-do list.

The main focus of this blog will be financially driven, but as I have a tendency to express and create, you may find other general life-related posts come up from time to time.

Here we deliberate:

Money – Travel – Life – All Things Under the Sun

I’m striving for constant progress, not perfection, and I hope you get benefit from this progress, too.



Why did I start this blog?

In the past couple years, I have noticed quite a number of my young millennials who frankly, did not care about learning about money and finances. Coming from an immigrant family, where financial situations held a constant presence in the house, I was shocked.

“Caring about money is too greedy.”

“I care more about life experiences and living now.”

“There’s always time later on in life to make money.”

“Investments are too boring, I’ll just learn about them another time.”


To this, I respond that there is no better time to start caring about money than right here and right now. Money has no inherent morality. Money is, at its most base definition, a currency to buy the resources you desire.

When approached the right way, money can buy your freedom.

Ultimately, I found that many of my peers were not interested in their finances and lacked any urgency. And, I wanted to go about changing that culture because financial health is as important holistically as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Places To Start:

Why Should You Pursue Financial Independence?

How To Spend Like A Millionaire

Personal Finance Basics

Investment Type Breakdowns

You may notice throughout the blog, I just like sharing my photography.


Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own. I am not a certified financial advisor. The advice given in this blog is strictly based upon my own beliefs and experiences. Financial Grains exists to communicate and have conversations with the community of those seeking financial independence and wealth growth. As with anything, do your own research beforehand. Your decisions are strictly your own.